When we first met, two things were certain. We both hated our jobs at the Abercrombie and we both shared a passion for traveling. It was fate. We searched Groupon keeping in mind that we were wannabe ballers on a sales associate salary, and our trip to Cancun was soon booked. HOLLA. This was our first trip together and one of two things could have happened. 1. We could have realized that traveling with a stranger was a horrible idea OR 2. we would become instant soul mate wifeys and this would be the start of something new (que Highschool Musical lyrics). If you

Where we stayed.
We booked a room at the beautiful Krystal Cancun Resort. Originally, we were worried about this resort because it had poor reviews online, but the price was a steal and we figured we wouldadad1d_b46805d4b2d447b5a58d080ee10fbe75n’t be spending much time in the room anyways. BEST. DECISION. EVER. We arrived to a true tropical paradise, that none of the pictures online came even remotely close to doing it justice. The rooms were clean, the staff was friendly, and the resort was equipped with absolutely everything needed for a successful getaway.

adad1d_43469554b5224ffe927132c333b23b5fLocation location location. The resort was definitely built on a prime piece of real estate located in the heart of Cancun. Walk out the front entrance and you’re just a couple of streets away from eclectic shops, restaurants and nightlife. If you exit from the back you’re just steps away from the infinity pool overlooking white sand beaches and the crystal clear ocean. The view could best be described as heaven on earth.  Our Groupon came with the resorts all-inclusive option. We highly recommend upgrading to this package as it includes 24 hours of on site food and alcohol service. Not to mention it includes the option of dining at three high-end restaurants located off sight, however; you must make reservations for these well in advance. Overall, we found the food to be fresh and delicious and the service was excellent. They also had a wide variety of alcohol, and offered a selection of fun a unique cocktails. Of course we took advantage of our all inclusive and tried them all. Olé.

What we did.
Beach and Pool

We definitely spent a good part of our trip engaging in the obvious past time when staying adad1d_8eaa949f9af04622950813b2fb60c57cin tropical paradise… laying on the beach sipping Mai Thais. Duh. We have traveled all over the world and have yet to find anywhere else that compares to the beautiful white sand beaches of Cancun. Pair that with the crystal clear ocean water that’s the temperature of bath water, and you’ll never want to leave. The resort adorned the beach with day beds and umbrellas free for guests to use, and a complimentary drink service was provided to enhance the experience even further. PERFECTO.

adad1d_c30cdd0f0a634e25a58e0617a8c91078 If the beach isn’t your thing don’t fret, the resort also has a massive infinity pool overlooking the beach. Krystal Cancun spared no expense when designing this incredible masterpeice. It has everything from a swim up bar, to in water seating along the sides, and even a platform squirty fountain located in the center. It has something to offer for guests of all ages, and is large to enough accomadate everyone without feeling cramped. Not going to lie, the squirty fountain brought out our inner kid and provided us with hours of entertainment.


We decided to book a day excursion to explore the nearby city of Tulum. It cost us aboutadad1d_377fff7160e74caf9903e98a97ddd029 $75 USD, and was booked through the resorts concierge. It was on the pricier side of our stay, but ended up being the highlight of our trip and well worth the money. It was a two-part excursion that consisted of exploring the Mayan ruins, and snorkeling through some local caves. It was cool to be able to go off the beaten path and see a different part of Mexico. We’re both history nerds so the informational tour of the ruins was right up our ally, and the views were absolutely breath-taking.
If adad1d_8fa1435dfcba404288f80460525cd513you have never had the chance to snorkel through the caves of Cancun… ADD IT TO YOUR BUCKET LIST IMMEDIATELY. It is a breath-taking experience unlike anything that we have ever done before. It’s located in a remote part of the jungle, to get there we were taken in a small van through a dense part of the jungle. Not going to lie and one point we were holding pinky fingers both secretly terrified that we were being kidnapped, however; upon arrival we forgot our fears and were blown away by the sights ahead of us.adad1d_f14c97d37acc429b85198f2142aae575

Definitely worth the 30 minute trek of fearing for our lives. You are supplied with snorkel gear and a life vest upon arrival before descending into the caves. The water in the gaves is crystal clear and freezing. Once you take the plunge you’re allowed to tour the oasis at your own pace. We lasted about 20 minutes in the water before we got out, blue lips and all. The experience and beauty of the caves was well worth not being able to feel our toes for the rest of the day.

We had originally booked a catamaran/parasailing tour for our final day in Cancun, but unfortunately due to the weather it was cancelled that morning. We knew we took a risk and booked our trip in what is considered to be Cancun’s offseason, so we decided to roll with the punches and explore the area around the resort instead. We ventured to the outdoor market that was located about a block from the resort and spent the morning in friendly barters stocking up on memorabilia. Everyone was beyond friendly and it turned out to be a fun alternative to our original plans.

Our greatest purchase of the day was our matching neon Cancun shirts. Yes we did wear them shamelessly matching our entire last day and on the plane ride home. No shame in our twinning game.

We knew going into the trip that Cancun was known for its wild nightlife. What we did notadad1d_4b6d126f3fa749d9ad9f3b9036e6009d know, however; was how expensive it was to partake in it. The main clubs range anywhere from $50-$80 USD,no exceptions. (sorry ladies even you). On the bright side, the clubs steep admission price includes an open bar to help numb the sting of the pain. Since it was basically the price of our first-born child, we decided to only go out to the clubs one night. Their was a promoter who that worked at the resort, and he suggested that we check out The City, one of the most renowned night clubs in Cancun. Because it was the off-season, there was only a local dj, but we ended up having a blast and danced the night away with people from all over the world.

Overall our trip to Cancun was a dream. We left mildly obsessed with each other and with a bad case of wanderlust. Little did we know it would mark the first of a life long adventure together anddddd the rest is history.


















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