What’s better than Spring Break in college? Spring Break being spent in Miami of course. We decided to cross a major check off of our bucket lists and fly to the spring break capital of the U.S. And yes, we did blast the LMFAO song the entire time we were there.

Where We Stayed
So… funny story. It’s a known fact that Miami is an incredibly expensive place to vacation, and on top of that our trip happened to fall on the same weekend as Ultra Music Festival so hotel prices were THROUGH THE ROOF. We were a couple of starving college students who were dying to explore the world. We were also in the middle of planning/paying for our month long European tour later that summer… but we’ll save that story for another time. Needless to say we were living life with champagne taste on a beer budget.
We decided to get creative to try and save some money by booking a “dormitory style” room at the Chesterfield Hotel and Suites in South Beach. We were drawn in by the fact that it was a fraction of the price of any other hotel in the area, what we didn’t realize however; was what “dormitory style” meant. We checked in and were lead to our room where we were greeted by a sight that immediately caught our attention.There were three very hairy (and intoxicated) men already lounging on the beds who were apparently also looking for a wild weekend on a budget. Now we’re sure they were very nice people, but it was still the shock of a lifetime. Let’s just say we didn’t spend more than five minutes in the room. After a panicked telepathic conversation with each other we quickly grabbed our things and fled the premises never to return.

To be fair, the Chesterfield Hotel and Suites could not be in a better location. It’s walking distance from the best beaches, shopping, and a great selection of restaurants. It’s also a short cab ride from all of the best bars and clubs. If you’re a go with the flow kind of person then we highly recommend staying here because it definitely gives you your bang for your buck. As for us, we’ll be sticking to private hotel rooms from here on out.

Fortunately for us we had some friends who were in town for the weekend for the Ultra Music Festival, and they let us crash in their room at the Marriott Hotel in downtown for the remainder of our stay. It was nice, clean, and the staff was accommodating. If you are going to Miami specifically for Ultra it’s the perfect spot. If you are looking to be a beach bum and participate in the vibrant night life we wouldn’t suggest staying downtown. We ended up spending around $200 each on cab fare commuting back and forth to South Beach each day.

What We Did.

Cruising around South Beach
adad1d_26c6cc3398f6475da8f91164e9ead283We spent the majority of the days exploring South Beach. A super cute area, and everything is within walking distance of each other. We took advantage of the beautiful beaches, being from Califoadad1d_508917d0bb7d4d7cbc51c60b7b61ecb7rnia the warm water is a rare luxury to us. There were a ton of eclectic restaurants right across the street, and the view could not be beat. We also spent a lot of time on Collins Avenue which offered a plethora of great shopping options. Somehow we ended up in Beach Bunny all three days; two suits and $400 later we finally banned ourselves from going back. So much for our money saving mentality. When in Miami… right?!


Fort Lauderdale Swamp Tours

adad1d_941695dec12f446b9d9f19f7a2587f5b     No trip to Florida is complete without a trip to the bayou for some good ole fashion gator watching. We booked our tour in South Beach for $80, and let assure you it was well worth the money. A shuttle picked us up from the hotel the next morning and took us on a 40 minute trek up to Fort Lauderdale. We were then loaded onto a fan boat and took off across the marshes, where we saw GATORS GALORE. These fan boats were no joke. The drivers were doing donuts a burnouts full speed across the water.We felt like were in a scene from fast and the furious… swamp style. SO much fun.


After our Tokyo Drift experience, they took us to an outdoor theater where they brought out different types of wild life that adad1d_ed919f2e8de14293ae7c99a1d2be1192inhabited the surrounding area and gave us some fun facts about them. And of course… that meant more gators. We even got a meet and greet with Larry the baby alligator… which we felt guilty for afterwards because it was apparent that Larry was not loving life and struggled with some major depression issues. PRAYERS FOR LARRY. If you’re at all adventurous and like to do out of the box things then we highly recommend looking into this.

Pool Parties

In the spirit of spring break we decided to check out one of Miami’s most renowned pool parties at the SLS Hotel. We’re definitely spoiled living only a few hours from Vegas, and have spent more weekends out there than we should probably admit, so we have high expectations when it comes to day/night clubs. And while Vegas is still number one in our hearts, Miami definitely gave it a run for its money. We spent the day dancing under the sun with a hundred other spring breakers from across the U.S.

Helpful hint: Miami day/night clubs are expensive and hard to navigate if you don’t know someone. We suggest finding a promoter to coordinate all of your activities. We got in touch with one the week before we left on our trip and he planned our itinerary and made sure we were hooked up everywhere we went.

Night Clubsadad1d_5645f7bf678b4f94ae57ab2a5ec8a5a9
The main reason we chose Miami for our Spring break destination was to experience their vibrant night life.
Night 1: Our first night out we went to LIV nightclub in the Fountainebleau hotel. This was the club we had heard the most about and were looking forward to the most, but honestly it did not live up to the hype at all. Luckily we were at a table because it was cramped, and in our opinion it lacked the “wow” factor that we were expecting. On a positive note, they had Tiesto headlining, which definitely made up for the lack of atmosphere.adad1d_7989424ade01428397f78c2449be0015


Night 2 and 3: We ended up going to SET nightclub. We hadn’t heard of it prior to that night but IT.WAS.AWESOME. Definitely our favorite spot of the weekend. The setup was fun, the music was awesome, and the champagne was abundant.




Overall we had a long weekend well spent exploring beautiful Miami. With over 10 countries explored now, it definitely wasn’t our favorite destination. But if your’re looking for a weekend of partying and laying out on white sand beaches then this is a great spot. And on to the next destination we go…





Actual footage of what happens after a successful Spring Break in Miami



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