After five months of laying low, planning, and googling how to become millionaires overnight we had finally made it to our first of many trips for 2015. Since our first destination was international, we decided to kick the new year off by exploring a city in the glorious U.S.A. Off to the country music capitol we go: Nashville, Tennessee.

Cruising Through the South

     Nashville was our final destination, but we decided to make things interesting and add a plot twist to our trip. We flew from Los Angeles to Lafayette, Louisiana where we met up with our friend Tina. She picked us up from the airport and we began our 8 hour road trip through the south. Let us break this down for you: that required us to drive through Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and a good part of Tennessee. Talk about quality bonding time in the car.

    We had envisioned it being all rainbows and butterflies… braiding each others hair as we admired some of the South’s finest sights. WRONG. By the time we landed it was already late afternoon so the majority of our car ride took place in the dead of night. So much for the scenic route. If you’re going to make a drive like this we highly suggest leaving early in the morning. We did this on the way home and had a much better experience.

 Where We Stayed

     We stayed at the Millenium Maxwell Hotel. It was a great price, and a great location if you had a car. Only a 5-10 minute drive from downtown and the other tourist attractions located in the heart of Nashville. It was clean, comfortable, and was bursting with Southern charm. We were sold.

    Speaking of Southern charm, we ended up left a handmade blanket behind that we had brought with us from home. The hotel mailed the blanket all the way back to Orange County for us. FREE OF CHARGE. Talk about some good old fashion southern hospitality.

 What We Did    

 Bar Hopping

    Nashville is also called “Nash Vegas” and this city earned that title for good reason. There are multiple bars on Broadway including: The Stage, Tootsies, Honky Tonk, Bailey’s, Blue Bar, Legends Corner, etc. Our personal favorite was Honky Tonk, which is three stories of country music madness. Each story has a different live musical artist. In a city that has more talent than any American Idol season we have ever seen, you can’t go wrong. If you play your cards right the performers they might even let you get up on stage with them and sing. We had a blast butchering Taylor Swift’s “We are Never Getting Back Together” with two aspiring country singers on the second floor of Honky Tonk.

Predators Game


     We are huge hockey fans, and it just so happened our team was in town playing the Nashville Predators the same time we were. The arena is conveniently located on Broadway, so pregaming at one of the sports bars beforehand is a must. You best believe we were searching the stands for Carrie Underwood and of course we had to get a photo with the Predators ice girls.

Sight Seeing

One of our favorite sight seeing activities was exploring the town of Brentwood. It’s only 15 minutes from Nashville,and if you enjoy  fancy architecture then it’s worth the drive. Home to many country artist sensations,  the houses in this area are draw dropping.






We love visiting the attractions that offer in depth insight about the city we’re visiting. We wanted to learn about the musical history of the city, and decided the best way to do that was with a visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Tickets were $25, but they offer and senior student discounts. We spent hours touring the facility and soaking in all the information the displays had to offer.

On our last day we took a 30 minute drive outside the city to visit the Grand Ole Opry. We had driven out the previous day, but all the tours were sold out so make sure to make a tour reservation in advance. This was our favorite tour of the trip, and walked away with the history of the heart of Nashville. It was fascinating to learn about the history of country music’s most famous venue. We even got to stand on the Grand Ole Opry stage, and the “famous oak circle, where thousands of country music artists have played.

     The true hidden gem of Nashville is the White Castle located minutes from downtown. No we’re not kidding. We don’t have these out in California, but were lucky enough to have a White Castle right next to our hotel. 3 a.m. White Castle runs were a necessity every night of our trip. Image result for white castle burgers

      Like all great things the mini burgers and our Nashville trip had to come to an end. A “quick” nine hour car ride and flight across the country and we were home. Next stop Miami!





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