New York


“Start spreading the news, we’re leaving today.”  After months of planning, sleepless nights, and tears… lots and lots of tears… it was finally here. Our summer European tour 2015. All of our other trips up to this point were childs play compared to the month long extravaganza that was ahead of us. We were three trips deep together and decided it was time to up the ante. If we could successfully pull this off together, there was nothing we couldn’t do. In order to break up the dreadfully long flight from Los Angeles to Barcelona, we decided to tack on a quick turn around trip to the city that never sleeps…the Big Apple…New York City. We had a mere 48 hours to see all of the sights the city had to offer. Challenge accepted.

Where we stayed.adad1d_1a95944788814e089a70900f302ed1b8

    We stayed at The Modern hotel, located in the heart of NYC. This ended up being another lucky find off of Groupon. At this point we were broke. We would have stayed in a cardboard box on the street, as long as it was in a good location. We weren’t expecting much when we bought the cheapest option we could find, but it sure did blow us away when we got there.

      The staff was incredibly friendly, and always went out of their way to help a couple of Orange County girls in the big city. They also provided breakfast for their guests in the morning which is always a major bonus in our books.  GREAT LOCATION. We arrived in NYC late in the evening and decided to walk and find a restaurant nearby. We ended up stumbling right into the center of Times Square.

What we did.

We did a lot, but here is our list of MUST SEE attractions.

 Times Square

      I mean what can we say… it’s Times Square. We recommend visiting here during both the day and night. It gives off totally different vibes depending on when you go. It definitely gives you a taste of the hustle and bustle of the big city and provides a backdrop for some awesome photo ops. Brace yourself for the smell of the city.


Bryant Park

        A hip hang out spot for New Yorkers. A large lot of grass surrounded by tables, fountains, and an eclectic carousel. It was filled with people hanging out, eating, catching some rays, and even had a few yoga classes going on while we were there. We grabbed some lunch from a cafe across the street and ate it in the park. It’s a great place to relax and people watch.



Dylans Candy Bar

     A place where childhood fantasies come to life. We felt like we left New York and walked into the very best scene of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Three magical stories filled with any candy you could possibly think of… and then some. They also have a bar on the top floor with creative candy cocktails. We recommend the Nerdy Mojito. Yum. 

 Statue of Liberty Bay Tour


Take the Subway

     Yes,  this was seriously a must try for us. It’s also the most practical way to navigate through the city. We don’t have subways in Orange County, and even trains are a rare experience where we’re from. To put it plain and simple: we were terrified. Fortunately it only took us getting on one wrong train, that took us to the opposite side of the city, before we figured out how to read the maps correctly. Bless the kind gentleman who eavesdropped on our conversation and graciously pointed out we were going the wrong way. Checked that one off the bucket list.

 Central Park


     Our highlight of the park was a small carnival that we discovered hidden away in the center of the park. next time around we deffinitely want to explore it from mulitple entrance points, but it was a great final stop on our turnaround trip.


     Well here’s the thing… after 9 hours of walking, site seeing, and attempting to navigate our way through the city… to say we were exhausted would be the understatement of the century. We had heard a ton of good things about Marquee nightclub and were all set with a table for Friday night. We got back to the room and planned on taking a quick power nap before getting glammed up and heading out for the night.

     That twenty minute nap ended up turning into a five hour slumber, and we woke up beyond disoriented at one in the morning. So much for New York being the city that never sleeps… oops. New York:1-Chanelle and Krista:0.  We ended up roaming around the streets in the late hours of the night, dressed in our best nighties for a late night food run. Let’s make one thing clear, the hot dogs sold on the streets of New York are by far the sketchiest things we have ever consumed. To this day we’re still convinced that it was rat meat. 

     Overall we loved New York. Now that we have seen all of the major tourist attractions, we would love to go back and enjoy the city at a slower pace…. and of course redeem ourselves with the NYC nightlife. it was a perfect beginning to our Summer 2015 World Tour. Next stop Europe!

 Below: Krista doing her best impression of stoop kid never leaving his stoop.




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