Up the California Coast- Napa

     Pinots, merlot, and champagne oh my! If there’s one thing we love besides traveling, it’s wine. Our idea of good wine is a $7 bottle of CVS’s finest, so we were stoked to have reached our third and final stop of our road trip. B-e-a-utiful Napa Valley. We were fully prepared for a Sunday spent popping bottles in Wine Country USA.  

 Where We Stayed

     We booked a room at the Hilton Garden Inn. We were in Napa for less than 24 hours so we hardly spent any time in our hotel, but it was clean and the staff was extremely friendly. They also offered a complimentary hot breakfast in the morning along with Starbucks coffee. A rare luxury that we have come to cherish after two years traveling.

 How We Got Around

     If you have a car (and a DD) this hotel is a great location, however; we were a 30 minute drive from the the very top of Napa. If you’re relying on cabs and Ubers, this location could get a bit pricey. There are so many neat wineries in Napa that we suggest picking a few you want to visit and booking a hotel nearby them. Big shout out to our dear friend Ally Kay for being our honorary DD. 

     Enjoy the ride! Napa is gorgeous. We took time to drive around and check out the area before wine tasting. We were blown away by the shades of green we saw. Truly a picturesque city. We went in January and were greeted by field after field of bright yellow flowers. Obviously we had to pull over for an impromptu photo shoot. It was truly breath taking.


The Wineries

     We visited three different wineries during our stay and wine tasted at each of them. We asked our hotel concierge for their top recommendations and they happily provided us with a map and and details on what made each winery special. They suggested that we start with the furthest winery and move our way down back towards the hotel. Smart. 

 Castello di Amorosa


     Our first winery of the day,  was an Italian styled castle located at the top of Napa. It’s unique design sets it apart from other wineries located in the area. We went with the standard wine tasting package which included 5 tastings for $25.00. We found this to be the standard price range for wine tastings in Napa. The grounds are awesome so be sure to make some time to explore. 



     The tastings were  held in the cellar of the castle. Each person was provided with a list of reds, whites, and sweet wines to choose from, and an expert was on hand to offer recommendations. Our favorite selection at this stop was “La Fantastica“.  In the words of Shia Labeouf, “Do it! Just do it!” Krista is not a huge wine-o but she even had to buy a bottle at just $30. Seriously, it was magic in our mouths. A must do on your Napa getaway. Five glasses deep and we were ready to party. Woo! Onto the next!



Beringer Winery

     This wasn’t originally on our itinerary, but we drove by and couldn’t pass the opportunity up. A perfect mix of Harry Potter meets haunted house. Even the surrounding landscape added to the spooky vibe. I mean look at it, how could you not want to drink wine in a place like that?!


The winery has been around for 139 years and was the recipient of numerous awards. They specialized in red wines, and their standard tasting package was 3 tastings for $35. It was the most expensive stop of the day, but the wine was impeccable and well worth the splurge. It also didn’t hurt that the wine connoisseur helping us had dreamy eyes. If you’re reading this Mike… call us.

Mumm Napa

     Our final stop of the day also ended up being our favorite. If views could kill…. The winery was nestled in rolling hills of lush green vineyards. When we pictured Napa THIS is what we had in mind. To top it off we arrived just as the sun was setting, a truly magical touch to an already picture perfect setting.

     Just when we thought things couldn’t get better, we discovered that this was a sparkling winery. HALLELUJAH. We were 8 tastings deep at this point so we were feeling good… real good. We decided to slow our roll and split two tasting packages among the four of us. A total of 8 glasses total.




     Their tastings were held in a room with glass paneled walls overlooking the property. We enjoyed the sunset as we fondly reminisced on the events of the past weekend. A perfect ending to another perfect trip.


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