Ohhhhh Canada. Land of hockey lovers, gorgeous scenery, and poutine… lots of poutine. Two weeks after taking our road trip up the California coasr we packed our bags and headed to the Great North.Vancouver, Canada yallllll. We love the tropical beaches so we had been putting off Canada because it didn’t have much appeal for us. Oh how wrong we were!

     We booked a room at the Comfort Inn located in downtown Vancouver. PERFECT location. It’s right in the middle of the hottest night life and restaurants, and only a short cab ride away from other popular tourist attractions. But that’s pretty much the only good thing about the hotel. Problem #1: Wifi. They claim to have wifi for their customers, but it was non existent during our stay there. Our phones did not work in the hotel and we had to get our social media fill at nearby restaurants and coffee shops. Major deal breaker for us when visiting a different country.

     Problem #2: the elevator from hell. There was only one elevator for the entire hotel and it required guests to insert their key card to use it. The issue with this is that it NEVER worked. We tried multiple times before finally giving up and sticking to the stairs for the remainder of our trip. Not a huge issue, but our room was located on the fifth floor so it was definitely an inconvenience.

 What We Did

Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks Game

        When in Canada attending a hockey game is a must.  If you haven’t realized this by now, we are die hard Anaheim Ducks fans.AKA the greatest hockey team in the NHL. Not like we’re biased or anything. A major bucket list item of ours is watching the Ducks play in every NHL arena, so our entire trip was planned around attending the game.

     Tickets were a great price, we paid around $90 for seats 10 rows from the glass. We’ve attended games at five different arenas and that price is a steal. It was definitely the highlight of our trip, and our team won 5-2 which was the icing on the cake.

          And shout out to this tiny Canucks fan who gave us the stink eye everytime our team scored… everysingle time. A total of 5 death stares toal. We can appreciate your unwavering loyalty to your team. You do you boo.

Quarry Rock Hiking Trail

   This wasn’t originally on our itinerary, but a local recommended it and we decided we couldn’t pass it up. It’s a 2.9 mile hike through the forest to a flat rock sheet overlooking the water and mountains. It’s an easy hike with clear cut paths and bridges that are marked with bright orange tags. The hike itself is breath taking. Surrounded by lush forest and cascading streams, you’ll feel like you walked straight into a scene from Twilight. Yo Edward Cullen where you at?

      The view once you reach Quarry rock is equally as beautiful. Definitely a prime location for some awesome photos. It took us about an hour each way, and is definitely a must see when visiting Vancouver. Travel tip. Make sure you check the weather forecast before you go. We didn’t and ended up walking back in the pooring rain. We were soaking wet and entering into the first stages of hypothermia by the time we finished. That’s what we get for visiting during the rainy season.


Granville Island

     A peninsula located under the Granville Street Bridge that’s filled with ecclectic shops and restaurants. Definitely a cool stop when visiting the city, but not somewhere you need to spend more than a couple of hours at. We stopped here for lunch in between sight seeing and were on our way.







Capilano Suspension Bridges

     Located in North Vancouver, this is a must do while visiting the city. An adventure park filled with various suspension bridges leading you through the forest to incredible scenic views. The main bridge is 450 feet long and over 100 feet off the ground. Yes… it sways as you walk on it… and yes… we were moderately terrified to cross it.

    Admission is $24 USD and it took us about two hours to walk the entire park. Definitely worth the price. They provide plastic ponchos to wear since it is almost always raining in the park. They also have a gift shop and a coffee shop with locally grown coffee on the property.



    A beautiful park with trails located directly next to the water. Our favorite stop of the trip. It was gorgeous! We highly suggest renting bikes and riding around the perimeter, aka the sea wall, which is five miles long. It was raining when we first got there so we stuck to walking. We weren’t able to make it all the way around the park on foot, but we did walk two miles and the views were breathtaking.  

     It reminded us a of Central Park in New York, filled with numerous hidden gems. We came across a section of elaborately decorated totem poles as well as an aquarium and science center. There’s also a lagoon located in the heart of the park that we didn’t get to see. Definitely give yourself a few hours to explore Stanley Park and wear comfortable shoes!




  Gas Town

     Super fun area for shopping, dining and nighlife. We were searching all weekend for the corny tourist shops which were nowhere to be found. Well that’s because they’re all in Gas Town. They had great restaurants here as well, and on the weekends people from all over the world flock to this area to enjoy a good night out. If you’re in Canada- GO HERE.




Where We Ate

     So much food, so little time. Here’s a round up of our favorite foodie places in Vancouver.

 Tim Hortons

     The Starbucks of Vancouver. If you had cut us open at the end of the trip we would have bled Tim Hortons. The Canadian Gods blessed us with one directly across the street from our hotel so a Tim’s donut and coffee became our morning ritual. The Canadian maple donut was our personal favorite. Fortunately they have locations on nearly every corner making it impossible to miss. California needs to make this a thing. Seriously… we ❤ you long timeTim.




 Granville Island Brewery

   We stopped here for a snack while exploring Granville Island. They don’t have a large selection of food so if you’re looking for a meal this is not the place for you. The beer is great though. They have an array of sampling options, we went with the four taster option which costs seven Canadian dollars. Definitely a steal of a deal. The beers are HUGE. We were expecting tiny little glasses and were greeted with almost full sized servings of each. We could have split one sample, it ended up turning into a chug fest.

      We also got the beloved Canadian dish, Poutine. Ahhhh poutine… we tried so very hard to like you. But we just could not. For those of you that don’t know, poutine is French fries with gravy and cheese curds (still not sure what a curd is) on top. A heart attack in a bowl to sum it up. When in Canada poutine consumption is a must. Definitely a one time try for us.

  Boston Pizza

    A hip sports bar located in downtown Vancouver. It’s only two blocks from Rogers Arena, so it is the local hockey fans pregame place of choice. It’s walls are covered in television screens playing all of the NHL  games and highlights that are taking place that night. EPIC. Make sure to get there early because it fills up fast!







     We loved Vancouver. Next time we would avoid going during the rainy season though. It doesn’t rain in Vancouver… it pours. It was also such a fast trip so we didn’t get to see everything on our list. We will definitely be visiting Whistler, Cypress mountain, and Grouse mountain next time around. And of course, experience their world renowned night life. But for now we have to keep moving forward. We have one month of rest until we pack our bags yet again. This time for the incredible sight of the Northern Lights up in Fairbanks, Alaska.


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