After eight months of sleepless nights and endless research our European tour was finally upon us. It was time to see if all of the blood, sweat, and tears that we had poured into the planning of this trip would pay off. And yes, actual tears were shed over the making of this European tour. What better way to kick off our 2015 World Tour than with a week of fun in the sun in the Las Vegas of Europe? Ibiza, Spain. It’s safe to say the tiny Spanish island surpassed all of our widest expectations.

 Where We Stayed.

     Normally we are all about the bargains, and are strong believers in “the cheaper the better” when it comes to hotels. However, Ibiza was the one place in Europe we decided we wanted to go all out. We were a couple of gals with champagne taste when in reality we’re on a beer budget. We booked a suite at the Ushuaia Beach Hotel which is arguably the nicest hotel on the island. With killer beach views and a central location to all the best parties, it was definitely worth the investment. It also didn’t hurt that chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of complimentary champagne were waiting for us upon arrival.

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel, Sant Josep de sa Talaia

Day Parties

Two things we learned early on about Ibiza:

1.The Spanish start the party late and they party hard all night long. The “day parties” or don’t start until 5pm, don’t get into full swing until 9 pm, and last until around 1 am when everyone heads off to the night clubs. Pretty sure we saw the sun rise every morning that we were in Spain so brace yourself.

2. The clubs are expensive and everyone has to pay. Even you ladies. Admissi
on ranges anywhere from 45-100 Euros depending on the club, but we highly suggest purchasing your tickets beforehand from vendors on the street because it’s cheaper.

Sidenote: Unlike the real Las Vegas, Ibiza club attire is much more
casual. Like shorts and a tank top. Our sparkly dresses got us some strange looks, but we shamelessly rocked them anyways.

   The Ushuaia Pool Party is arguably one of the best day parties on t
he island. A perk of
staying at the hotel was that we got free admission to the party, which saved us around 80 Euros a night. The club is home to major headliners like Martin Garrix and David Guetta so we were perfectly fine pre-gaming there the majority of our stay.



    Cafe Mambo is another great “day party” to sip on drinks and get your night started. Unlike Ushuaia, Cafe Mambo acts as both a restaurant on the beach and a lounge. It was a bit of a trek from our hotel but its infamous views of the Spanish sunset made it well worth the travel. We got to be front and center for Martin Solveig’s headlining performance and even got a few strawberry daiquiris on the house. We highly recommend checking this hidden gem out while you’re in town.


Night Clubs In Ibiza 

    Although there are numerous clubs on the island where you can party the night away, there are three that made the list for top 10 nightclubs in the world. Ushuaia, Space, and Pacha all made the cut.

Side note: Different clubs are deemed hot spots depending on the night of the week. If you go to one of the big clubs on an off night you are going to find the club is closed or be incredibly disappointed by the experience. Trust us, we were. Make sure to do your research on the best clubs of the night prior to purchasing your tickets.  


     Our favorite night club of the trip. We ended up spending all three nights there. was hands down our favorite club. No shame. Our first night on the island we had absolutely no idea what we were doing so someone recommended we head to Pacha for their 60’s themed Flower Power Party. It was like we took a trip back in time. The entire club was transformed with 60’s decor and the DJ only played  music from the era. Space night clib was hot spot for this particular night, but we had a blast and it was an experience I’m glad we didn’t miss out on.
      We cam back the following nights when Pacha was the “hot spot” and saw both Martin Solveig and David Guetta headline. Didn’t hurt that the bouncers put us in the DJ booth both nights. Holllllla. All fun and games until Martin Solveig kicks you out of the booth for trying to over take his set. (see above pic of Krista)



 The Other Side of Ibiza

      Of course Ibiza is well known for it’s epic parties that last all night, but that’s just one side of the island. There’s a calmer, more scenic side of Ibiza just waiting to be explored. We highly recommend seeing what the other side of the island has to offer during your stay. Best way to do this is to rent either a quad or vespa for the day so you can explore the island at your own leisure.

We sure did try… key word here is try.   

   We were told by numerous locals that we had to make a trip to see God’s Thumb, a rock formation on the other side of the island. We were determined to make the trip and had our hotel rent us a vespa. We hope you enjoy the picture of us posing on the vespa because that’s about all we got out of our 45 Euro rental. Seconds after that picture was taken we crashed the vespa into the side of our hotel. And that was the end of our vespa experience. RIP vespa. RIP.  

    It’s a lot harder than it looks people. If you don’t have any previous vespa experience under your belt, then we suggest sticking to the four wheeled rentals, like the ATVs. Last time we made that mistake. Safe to say we didn’t get to see what the other side of Ibiza had to offer, but we plan on checking that off our bucket list eventually. day in

      After three successful yet sleepless nights of partying on Ibiza we were ready for a much needed change of scenery. Next stop Barcelona!


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