After 10 days in glorious Spain we were ready for a change of scenery. And after 10 days of staying up until sun rise, yes we partied all until sun rise all 10 days we were there, we were in desperate need of rest and relaxation. When in Spain do as the Spaniards do. We boarded a plane and were off to explore the Greek islands. First stop was Mykonos, Greece. To this day Mykonos is still our favorite destination that we’ve been to. 

Where we stayed.15589526_1163337303784904_831461443409930682_n

     We booked a room at the picturesque Mykonos Kosmoplaz Hotel in Platys Gialos. The entire hotel was white with blue trim and located on some pretty spectacular beach front property. It was perfect. The staff treated us like family, and went out of their was to make sure we enjoyed our stay on the island. It was also prime location on the island. Another great Expedia find!


      The hotel also offers guests breakfast in the morning for an additional 9 Euros a day. Trust us, it is worth the cost. Everything was fresh and home made and there was a wide variety of of dishes to choose from. We would wake up early each morning, eat the breakfast, watch the sunrise and then go back to bed. It was that good. 11667325_798432040275434_2649614687171909518_n

What We Did.15590476_1163337363784898_6079090362841574751_n

     The roads in Mykonos are narrow and far too dangerous for civilians to walk along. Your options for getting around the island are pretty limited. There are buses that circulate the island that you can take at the cost of a few Euro each way. But we HIGHLY recommend option two, which is taking advantage of the ATV and vespa rentals scattered around the island.

    It’s legal to drive them on the main roads, and the company we rented from provided transportation to/from our resort to pick up our rental. We were still traumatized by our Ibiza vespa experience so we went with the ATV this time around. Roaming around on the ATV was the high light of our trip as we spent the week exploring every crevice of Mykonos. 15665628_1163337370451564_5097811350803810874_n

Mykonos Town


   Our favorite part of the island was the tiny town of Mykonos. It was exactly what we had envisioned in our heads when we were day dreaming of our trip to Greece. It’s white buildings, blue trim, and stone walkways gave the town a dreamy vibe and we spent hours walking through the eclectic shoppes, bakeries and restaurants.15665565_1163337333784901_5628404728087227891_n

Speaking of bakeries, take full advantage of those while you’re there. If you don’t know what Baklava is make sure to get well acquainted with it during your stay. And Pita Gyro. One can never have to much Pita Gyro.




 Night Life.

     We were exhausted our wild nights in Spain so we didn’t do any clubbing while we were on Mykonos. However, we did cruise around to the party spots on our ATV to check out the best party beaches on the island. From what we saw Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach are the places to be for both the day and night clubs. We have no shame in our grandma game. 



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