After a week of cruising around the country’s capital, we were off to our next stop on our Thailand adventure. Phuket, Thailand. We were ready to trade in our walking shoes for bikinis and soak up the sun on this tropical island getaway.

Where We Stayed.

Our tour guide booked us a room at the Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach. Gorgeous rooms with breath taking ocean views, a delicious buffet breakfast with breath taking ocean views, a heated infinity pool overlooking breath taking ocean views. Get the hint yet? It was phenomenal and only a 10 minute tuk-tuk ride from some of Phuket’s hottest night life and beaches.

What We Did.

Old Town Phuket



The weather was stormy our first day on the island so we signed up for a city tour of Old Town Phuket. The Portuguese styled architecture stands out amidst the traditional Thai buildings that we had seen all throughout Bangkok. The vibrant colors and unique designs of the buildings make this a cool place to pass by on your island adventures.


The tour concluded with a stop at Phrom Thep Cape, where we were able to hike around and get some pretty spectacular views of the island sunset.


Phang Nga Bay15230691_1137456639706304_2584404181472444703_n


We booked a day tour to the infamous “James Bond Island.” It was about an hour drive by speed boat to Phang Nga Bay and the views on the trek over were incredible.


The James Bond rock itself? Meh






Pha14915638_1137456423039659_5075233631304982277_nng Nga Bay is what you would call a tourist trap. It’s a tiny island loaded with tour groups standing on the boardwalks trying to get their shot of the rock and vendors trying to sell you every type of souvenir you can imagine.. The beach area is tiny, and there isn’t any real room to lay out or swim.You basically get off the boat, snap a few pics, and then leave. The most shocking part about our trip to Phang Nga Bay was that the infamous James Bond Rock is wayyyyy smaller in person. Talk about the power of good camera angles.




Now we’re not saying that you shouldn’t bother making the trip here, and we’re definitely not saying that we regret going. The area is beautiful and we got some great pictures. Just know what you’re getting yourself into before hand. If you’re looking to relax on the beautiful beaches of Thailand this is NOT the stop for you.



Monkey Temple (Suwannakuha)


We made a pit stop at Monkey Temple after our Phang Nga Bay adventures. We saw pictures of tourists holding the monkeys and holding them so we were expecting to get up close and personal. These people must have had a death wish because those little bastards are no joke ya’ll, and they’re mean as hell.

There are hundreds of them roaming around the grounds outside of the caves, and locals are on site selling bags of bananas so you can feed them. Definitely worth spending 300 Baht, but do so with caution. The Thai version of King Kong mugged Krista and stole her bag of bananas. Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by a monkey.

Below is a picture of us risking our lives for a monkey selfie. Gotta do it for the Gram.


Phi Phi Islands

15220124_1137457159706252_2949451296538058368_n    So the Phi Phi Islands don’t suck. In fact they went down as the best part of our Thai trip and are a top contender for prettiest beaches we’ve ever visited. Make sure to book a tour that includes snorkeling off the coast of the islands. Seriously.

15267695_1137458899706078_4206517266509010994_n     The electric blue water is filled with mesmerizing sea life just below the surface, and clams the size of your head. It’s straight out of a scene of The Little Mermaid.  15492506_1161932193925415_4960151642174660555_n15193481_1137458856372749_2696911494006933265_n15622032_1161638400621461_6122181672507679616_n

The beaches of Phi Phi Island are nothing short of amazing either. White sand, crystal clear water naturally heated to bath like temperatures.. Oh, and 800 tourists crammed on the beach trying to soak in the experience as well.

15192764_1137458946372740_6115713181218449557_n 15193532_1137458746372760_5570390278769018153_n     Like all spots beautiful, the islands shoreline is jam packed with tourists being towed in and out of the islands via boat. Honestly, the crowds didn’t harsh our flow. There was plenty of beach to go around and the rest of the island is definitely worth exploring. This is what we traveled half way across the world for.


Our tour concluded with a stop at a tiki bar on a remote sand bar. Just another day in paradise.15319266_1137458949706073_8896051903338114208_n

Patong Beach15283909_1137461229705845_8516744956447101524_n

Now let’s cut to the chase here, the Thai people like to party. And they party hard. If you’re in Phuket and looking to have a good time then Patong Beach is the place to go. It’s a mix between Las Vegas and New Orleans with a Thai twist. We left Patong Beach changed women and we’ve been trying to recover from the things we witnessed there ever since.

Ping Pong Shows…. And no we’re not talking about the sport. We’re just going to leave that suggestion right there….






Tiger Kingdom

What do tigers dream of when they take a little tiger snooze?15135807_1137459446372690_1521324364849722472_n     Our last day on the island we checked out Tiger Kingdom. The company offers various packages for one on one interaction time with tiger cubs, small, medium, or extra large tigers. Not wanting to end up tiger chow we opted for the tiger cub package.

Where else are you going to get the opportunity to snuggle up with these exotic creatures? One of the many reasons we absolutely adored Thailand was because of all the hands on interaction we got with the exotic animals that reside there. The staff allowed us to take as many pictures as we wanted which was a huge plus for us. We highly recommend making a stop here on your trip. 15285086_1137459376372697_453730763065286664_n

Oh and here’s a picture showing where all of our money went on this trip. I mean monkeys in diapers?! Come onnnn. Who could possibly resist that? This is why we can’t have nice things…





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